Future Rabbit


Use A & D to run forward and backwards. Press W to jump up and S to jump down. Collect as many carrots as possible while avoiding collecting turnips. Your evolved ears let you hear different vegetables in the ground. Items that are too deep will be unidentifiable, but if you further evolve your ears you'll be able to hear deeper. Look out for crabs roaming the tunnels - the space bar shoots laser from the rabbit's eyes. Collect Science Carrots to upgrade your features. Access the features upgrade window by pressing Enter/Return.


Future Rabbit is a game made in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare #24. The game takes place in the future where rabbits have evolved into the dominant species. The game was programmed by Eric Decker and stitched by Erin Gregory. Almost every graphic is a unique individual cross-stitch, except for some simulated UI pieces. Some games that were inspirational in the making of this game were DinoRun, MotherLoad, and Yoshi's Story.